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Accessing the underlying data model from within the extension


I am completely new to QlikView. I am a web frontend developer tasked with writing a extension for QlikView. I have searched the API of the QV Object (Javascrit) far and wide but havent found a solution to my problem(s) yet.

In the underlying data modell of our qv application there are certain fields that I need to access from within the script.js of my extension, but I cannot load them as dimensions into my Object (as in - it would clash with the other dimensions which I am already loading).

One way to access data from outside of my Object seems to be the Qv.GetDocObjects(ObjectId) method. Unfortunately this forces me to create TableObjects for any data I want to access from the data model, which - to be honest - seems rather strange to me, especially since then I would have to hardcode the ObjectIds of the TableObjects which I have created. My logic tells me there should be a way to directly query the data store (or whatever it is called) directly and say: "Give me content of field X" or "Give me all fields with content from table Y" or "Give me field X and field Y in combination"

I mean this seems to be possible when we create Objects by hand when we create them in the QlikView desktop. So it seems sensible that I should be able to do something like this on the fly from within my JS extension?

Any hints / help will be highly appreciated.

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