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Comparing Maps using Alternate States

I have two SVG maps of the USA, and one is in Alternate state A, (Alt_A) and the other is in Alternate state B (Alt_B)

They work great independently, but what I need to happen is when the user selects a state in one map, it also selects the same state in the other map.

That way they can compare the same state in both maps without having to select the states twice, once in each map.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Re: Comparing Maps using Alternate States

I've only briefly dabbled with alternate states... can you set field triggers for them and use something like Concat({[AlternateStateName]}DimensionName) to set the alternate one when you select something?

Or just set the second chart dimension to be that... something must be possible!

Sorry might not be helpful, just bouncing ideas!

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Re: Comparing Maps using Alternate States

Hi Crystle,

Syntax for "partial" Alternate State

If You select in Alt_A, then in Alt_B

Sum({Alt_B<State=Alt_A:Smiley Frustratedtate>} Sales)

or ,if Your Sheet/Object is set to State Alt_B :

Sum({<State=Alt_A:Smiley Frustratedtate>} Sales)