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Create Own Map Object Extension.

Hi I am new to Map Extension,

I want to create the my own map extension , and i have also checked the webpageviewer extension which is by default provided by qlikview .

But when i change the URL to google.com  it is not working .

Please any one tell me how can i start with making the my own extension.

I have knowledge about Definition.xml file .

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Re: Create Own Map Object Extension.


Start from here




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Re: Create Own Map Object Extension.

Thanks ,

I am trying to open the facebook.com

My Definition file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<ExtensionObject Label="Agnivesh" Description="My First Extension" PageWidth="100000" PageHeight="100000">

<Initiate Name="Chart.BgColor.ColorHex" Value="#E0FFE0" />

<Text Label="WebSite Address" Initial="" Expression="='http://www.facebook.com'" />

<Initiate Name="Caption.Text" Value="Agnivesh First Extension" />


Script.Js file

Qva.AddExtension('Agnivesh', function() {

  var el = document.createElement("div");

  el.setAttribute('id', 'divname');


  el.setAttribute('src', this.Layout.Text0.text);


but nothing happen

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Re: Create Own Map Object Extension.

Hi Agnivesh,

You need to give the URL you want in the Url text box, present in the properties,which appears upon right clicking the web page viewer object.

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Re: Create Own Map Object Extension.

not all websites work with this extension...they have checks to see if they are being loaded into a frame which is what this extension creates. google, yahoo, msn and facebook will generate errors and won't load into the extension.