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Define cutomized .qvpp file

I am starting from an existing Extension Object code source, to build my own extension.

In PropFullDynamic.qvpp, dimensions tab is defined with this code

<div class='prop-bar-chart-header-clickable' avq='prop_listheader:.Chart.Dimension'>Dimensions</div>

  <ul avq='list:.Chart.Dimension' class='prop-130 prop-dyn-sortable'  tabindex='-1'>

  <li class='ui-state-default prop-sortable-list-li' name='chart-dimension' >

  <span class='prop-sortable-list-arrow-position' avq='list_movehandle:'></span>

  <div class='prop-sortable-item-narrow' avq='prop_dynamicDropdown:.Field'></div>

  <div class='prop-sortable-right-width-56px'>

  <div class='prop-sortable-width-28px' propicontype='tool' avq='prop_dlgbuttonjqui:.:ExtensionDimDialog.qvpp'></div>

  <div class='prop-sortable-width-28px' name='sortable-list-item-close-button' propicontype='delete-row' avq='prop_buttonjqui:.Remove'></div>


In particular, these line

<div class='prop-sortable-width-28px' propicontype='tool' avq='prop_dlgbuttonjqui:.:ExtensionDimDialog.qvpp'></div>

describes the action on click on the tool icon on the right hand side of the icon. If we click this, another window with some settings pops up.

However, ExtensionDimDialog.qvpp does not exist in windows explorer. It seems to be a default QLikView property file but i cannot find it. Where is the behavior for this action defined?

Second, I would like to implement customized behavior on click on this button. Can i defined own .qvpp file ? is there some example somewhere showing this possibility ?

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New Contributor III

Re: Define cutomized .qvpp file

Could you find any evidence for this file? I also need to find and edit this property window? (ExtensionDimDialog.qvpp)

New Contributor III

Re: Define cutomized .qvpp file

Hey Claire,

it's an old post, but do you may have an update to this topic?

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