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Extension documentation - is there any?

Hi, I'm newbye for QV. Our company build a large scale project with QV. I need to build some GEO Extension widget with GWT Openlayers. My extension almost functioning, but I have some advanced questions regarding QV JS API. Here and there I found a lot of example extensions volunteerary published by users, tutorials and blogs of somebody else, but nothing ordered as a Complete Extensions Development Guide from QV itself. An JS API SDK which was published here is very funny. There are 2 of them for Qva nad Qv. In some functions it even doesn't briefly explain function purpose. I don't speak about usage examples.

I asked 2 questions, but there no response for a weeks. I this QV Extensions feature supported? How do I get help?



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Extension documentation - is there any?

This link http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-2415 can be helpful for you.

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Re: Extension documentation - is there any?

Please see this link: http://community.qlik.com/thread/69695

I've created some basic documentation on how to get up and running as well as a template QAR that should be a good starting point.