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Extension problem


Please can you help me with the problem which has been answered before


I am facing a problem with qv extension . I would like to dynamically display content in the HTML format by reading a text file stored in my PC. I'm using JavaScript (with JQuery) for scripting behavior.

I get every time is the error message

below is the script.js file code.

Please can you help.

Qva.AddExtension('CVL/HelloWorld', function() {

   Qva.LoadScript(Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions\HelloWorld\jquery.js" , function() {


                         alert("Essential plugin (jquery) not loaded"); // work!


                         alert("Essential plugin (jquery)  loaded"); // work!


  Qva.LoadScript(Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions\HelloWorld\jquery-migrate.js" , function() {


                         alert("Essential plugin (jquery migrate) not loaded");


                         alert("Essential plugin (jquery migrate)  loaded"); // work!


  var html = "";

  html += "<H1 style='text-align: center;'>";

  html += "<p>Before</p>";

  $(document).ready(function() {



          type: "get",

          url : Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions\HelloWorld\Test.txt",

          dataType: "text",

          async :   false,

          success: function(data, textStatus, jqXHR){

            html += "<p>"+data+"</p>";


          error: function(XMLHttpRequest,textStatus, errorThrown){

            alert("error : " + textStatus + "\n" + errorThrown);



    html += "<p>After</p>";

    this.Element.innerHTML = html;



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Re: Extension problem

Mine is also not running any solution ??