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Geoqlik Extension Errors

Hi Guys,

I have downloaded the GeoQlick extension to show the data accoding to Geographic locations. The installation file name is GeoQlikTrial.qar, which on extraction installs 4 files to my system. When I open my QV project in Web view and try to add a GeoQlick object onto the sheet. I encounter errors in following sequence:

a) An error has occured in the script on this page.

     Line               : 1

     Char              : 1

     Error              : Syntax Error

     Code              : 0

     URL                : http://demo.geoqlik.com/geoqlik/extension/geoqlok.js


     I click "Yes" to continue

b) An error has occured in the script on this page. 

     Line               : 9

     Char              : 2

     Error              : Object doesn't support this property or method

     Code              : 0

     URL                : http://geoqlik/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=Extensions/GeoQlikTrial/script.js


     I click "Yes" to continue

Therefore, it just shows a blank object (without a map). Need your help at the earliest. Thanks!

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Re: Geoqlik Extension Errors

Hello tksharma05,

what version of QlikView do you actually use ?

Our trial version requires QV 11SR1 in WebView mode or a QV Server 11SR1.

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Re: Geoqlik Extension Errors

We have got the same problem.

Could you tell us how have you could solve it?

We are very interested.