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NoGreen extension - followup questions

Hi all,

I have read the Document Extension to override green selection color entry, and this works ... most of the time.

There are three occurrences where I would appreciate your assistance to get this working completely:

1.) when I make a selection, the original green color flashes briefly before changing to my custom color. 

2.) in the attached sample QVW, the LED boxes on the multi-box are shown with the custom color even if no selection is made.

3.) in the attached sample QVW, the LED boxes on the List Box do not change color when the Field is an expression.  (They do use the custom color if a Field is selected, not an expression.)

Note: these issues are visible when the QVW is opened with QV 11 SR15, and displayed in the WebView mode with the attached QAR installed.

Thank you for any advice you can provide.