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OCX: Error on openDocument

I'm new to development with QlikView.

I would like to access a qvw on our QlikView Server using the following C# code:

//doc, user and pw are string variables

axQlikOCX1.OpenDocument(doc, user, pw);

This returns a System.InvalidCastException. The return value hasn't the right type.

Thanks for help

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OCX: Error on openDocument

Any ideas?

The value of the doc variable is: "qvp://bits057/B.i.TEAM QlikView Demo/B.i.TEAM Demo 2010.qvw"

bits057 is my server, B.i.TEAM QlikView Demo is the name of our QVS and B.i.TEAM Demo 2010.qvw is the document I try to open.

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OCX: Error on openDocument

I was running into the same issue.  The system I was running on is 64 bit.  I inadvertently registered (regsvr32) the 32 bit qlikview.ocx control.  Registered the 64 bit version and now the error is gone.  Hope this helps.