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Performance of extension object

Hi all,

  I have doubt regarding performance of extension object.

When does extension object code runs (Like it runs all the time or when we reload or open the document) ?

Please help me.

Thanks and Regards,



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Re: Performance of extension object

Extensions are client side objects, the code contained run when it is active.

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Re: Performance of extension object

Hi Vivek,

Extensions run your web code. It depends on how the programming was done. If, for example, you run a JavaScript setInterval function tu run continuously every 50 milliseconds it will do so. I you run a for loop, once it ends it will no longer run.

Once you make a selection, or change a tab or press a QlikView button, the extension will run again from the start.

Hope it helps!

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Re: Performance of extension object

Hi Vivec,

Thus the performance depends on the browser/client computer. It is not very useful to send "3 million" rows or similar through the extension.