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Pivot table export to excel in Qlikview

Hi Experts,

I'm trying to export the pivot table from Qlikview  same format table headers are not coming in Excel after send to excel.

please any one help me get this.


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Re: Pivot table export to excel in Qlikview

Right-Click on your pivot table and click Copy->Copy Full Table then open Excel and paste all data will be exported and formatted as in Excel
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Re: Pivot table export to excel in Qlikview

My hunch as to why the 'Export' does what it does would be due to the BIFF translator component that does the export, this is a Microsoft module, and I suspect it is not quite sure how to handle things in this case.  I am not sure which version you are running either, but if something pre 12.20, know that in 12.20, we have updated the BIFF module we use to allow .xlsx now, and that might result in a different outcome as well, but not certain.  Claudiu's solution seems to potentially be a good option, hopefully that will work as a workaround on this one.


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