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Problem using SelectTextsInColumn

I'm new in QlikView.
I built an extension to display my stores on a map (using Leaflet) and I want to send the store name (row[2]) to QlikView when I doubleclick on the icon store.

I tryed in this way:

for (var i=0,k=_this.Data.Rows.length;i<k;i++){
       var row = _this.Data.Rows ;

       var latitude = parseFloat(row[0].text.replace(",","."));
       var longitude = parseFloat(row[1].text.replace(",","."));
       //Check to see coordinates are valid
        if (latitude != NaN && latitude !='' && latitude <= 90 && latitude >= -90 && longitude != NaN && longitude !='' && longitude <= 180 && latitude >= -180) {
         var latlng = new L.LatLng(latitude, longitude);
         var poptext = 'Lat & Long:'+latlng+'<br/>'+ row[2].text +'<br/>'+ 'Measure: ' + row[4].text;
         var marker = L.marker(latlng).addTo(map).bindPopup(poptext);
         marker.on('dblclick', function(e) {
                  _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(2, true, row[2].text);
        } else {
         //Need to figure out a method of notifiying bad lat and longitudegs...
Stores are corrected displayed in the map, but when I doubleclik, I send to QlikView always the last store fetched by the loop, not the selected one.
What I'm doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem using SelectTextsInColumn

I found the solution.

The code (only the marker event) must be changed as below:

marker.on('dblclick', function(e) {

          _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(2, true, row[2].text);

          var latSel = this.getLatLng().lat.toString().replace(".",",");

          var lonSel = this.getLatLng().lng.toString().replace(".",",");

          _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(0, true, latSel);

          _this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(1, true, lonSel);


Now it works correctly.

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