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Problem with svgReader when switching sheet with button


The svgReader extension (SvgReader mapping extension now stored on GitHub) by Brian Munz has the following problem: it stops working when switching to a different sheet using actions instead of the in-built sheet selector.

I attach an example (it's the original Sweden map with an extra sheet and two buttons to navigate through them). If the in-built sheet selector is used it will work properly. If, on the other hand, you use the button of the second sheet to go to the first one (Main), the map won't work.

It seems like it can't refresh.

Do you know any way to force the sheet to refresh (or whatever the problem may be) in the application, or in the extension itself?

Workarounds there are two that I know: (1) not using sheets but conditional show; (2) using the in-built sheet selector.

Hope you can help!

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Re: Problem with svgReader when switching sheet with button

Same problem here. Similar things also happens with conditional. If you conditionally turn on/off the object, it displays but without the coloring. Instead If you turn the sheet on/off with a conditional has the same effect as switching sheets.