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Qlik Map behavioural question


I am using the free Qliktech-provided extension object (Qlik Map) to create the below map. All my coordinates are fine and the blobs that you see represent the size of the expression (number of calls in this instance) for each of the mapped locations.

I have 2 questions:

a) The map does not seem to allow me to select a range of locations (using click and drag of the mouse). If I select a range of locations from my table in QlikView only those blobs are shown so the data and the map communicate as expected. Every time I click and drag it physically moves the map along..

b) Fast type change is one of the properties on the map yet there is no indication on the map on how to change between the map and a bar chart (say) and back.

c) I have a different map on each of the 3 tabs in my application - on one of them it does not display anything unless I refresh using F5 - anyone know why and/or how I can force an F5 every time the tab is visited?

Thanks in advance