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QlikView Extension - GetProperties

Hello together,

I´m currently trying/struggling to access the properties of a QlikView Object (TableChart in this case) through an QlikView Object Extension with JavaScript.

The problem is, the JavaScript API-Guide only has a "SetProperty"-Function:


which can be fed with the following strings/parameters to set the desired property:


which looks like:

tableChart.Layout.SetProperty('Chart.Dimension.0.Field', 'Field1', true);

if you want to set a new Field to the first Dimension.

This works so far, but how can I access these values?



does not have a "Chart"-Propertie for example.

If I print out all nodes of the tableChart.Layout-Object, I get the following for SetProperties:

SetProperty: function(b,d,c){this.Super.DocumentMgr.Set(this.Super.Name,{property:b,value:d},c)}

The DocumentMgr has no Get-Function als far as I know....

Maybe someone else already did what I´m trying to achieve and has an idea already.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards