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QuickMap - Heatmap

Hi guys,

Any idea on how to get an intelligent heatmap created to the QuickMap extension? The colors cant be harcoded based on value due to user selection.

I cant seem to get colormix1, nor colormix2 working for this,even though the expression work well within another table.

Im not sure can Quickmap read the argb()  which the colormix1() value seems to convert the color codes to? If you look in the code:

colorFormatter = function(c) {//function used to properly format the color that is entered

  var cc = c.toLowerCase();

  if ((cc.indexOf("rgb") === -1) && (cc.indexOf("#") === -1)) {

  if (cc.length < 6) {

  var addIt = "#";

  for (var i = cc.length; i < 6; i++) {

  addIt += "0";


  cc = addIt + cc

  } else {

  cc = "#" + cc;


  return cc;

  } else {

  return cc;



Please post good solutions if you implemented some.


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Re: QuickMap - Heatmap

So it should be gradient minvalues -medianvalues -maxvalues.