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SVG Map PopUp and Navigation Issue

Hi all!

I'm facing an issue with SVGMap extension and I've not been able to find a solution by searching into the community. Hope you can help.

I have a world map in one sheet of a dashboard. If I maintain accidentally the cursor over the map just after click to navigate to another sheet, the popup doesn't disappear. I can only make disappear the popup by turning back to the map and mousing over the map again. It's really annoying.


Did someone faced the same trouble? Any suggestion?

PD: I'm using QlikView 11 SR12 and the last version of SVGMap in GitHub.

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Re: SVG Map PopUp and Navigation Issue

Hi Robert,

This could be a browser issue.  QlikView extensions are reliant on your IE browser.  The check and see if you have same issue on a machine using a different version if IE.

This is just a guess.



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Re: SVG Map PopUp and Navigation Issue

Hi Josh,

Thank you very much but I don't think it's a browser issue. Before, we had installed IE 9 and the issue was already present. A weeks ago we updated to IE 11 and the issue persists. Actually, it happens also with Chrome.