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Re: SVG Map


I find errors in the javascript code (symble weird at line 1),

and now it works well.

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Re: SVG Map

Hi mars,

Do you have a github account?  If so, it would be great if you could upload your fix to the main branch of the project.

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Re: SVG Map

Hi Marwa,

i'm facing the same problem .In fact i'm getting a JS error  in line1 and line 8240 .

can you explain me how did you fixed it plz ?


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Re: Re: SVG Map

Hi Brian,

My name is Sandra and I have the same problem that you are discussing here. I have managed to upload the Uk_Region svg and corrected in the 'Definition' and the map is still not showing. My data is on student applications in UK where the student from each region need to be counted/summed. Mars tailed off without discribing what he did in the js. The first line has the word "example" could this be the problem. Also have the problem that my SVG world map is not hooking up with the uploaded student data at internation level. The map appears but then it does not connect with the data (used world map in the SVG file). I am most grateful for any assistant you can provide me.

Many thanks


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Re: Re: SVG Map

Hi Sandra

I'm looking to utilise a UK map as well but can't get the data to tie up with the map supplied in svg reader. Did you ever get this working and can I be cheeky and ask how you did it

many thanks

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Re: Re: SVG Map


Hi folks,

I want SVG Extension map,

when i select 'name ' i want 'city' in one color and if 'city' and 'keepercity' are same i want to them in any other color.

how to achieve this

thanks in Advance.



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