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I want to create a button extension object and I in xml file I define :

<Text Label="Button #" Type="select" Select="1,2" SelectLabel="1,2" id="select1"/>

<Text Label="Button Caption#" Type="text"  Expression="Dokumente"/>

and in javascript

Qva.AddExtension('ShowDocument', function()


       var _this = this;

       var extensionfolder = Qva.Remote + "?public=only&name=Extensions/ShowDocument/";

       Qva.LoadCSS(extensionfolder + "style.css");

       var sCaption = this.Layout.Text1.text;

         _this.Element.innerHTML = "<div id='docbtnstyle1' title=’’ class='docbtnstyle1'>"+sCaption+"</div>";

in dashboard I want appear the second button when I choose value "2" from select box and return to defualt button when I chooes value "1" from select box

Any one help