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geoqkik and geomarketing


We are usine google maps extension in order to display sales or customers in a map.

I investigate to find the best solution for geomarketing into qlikview. I have heard about geoqlik, which seems more powerfull that google map.

Does anybody use this extension and is it possible to have some examples. Is amMape real alternative?


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geoqkik and geomarketing

Hi ln_hug,

amMaps can be integrate but it requires some work around the integration. I want to say that can be integrated 100% but I still working on that to be sure that can be done.

What you mean when you say that you use google maps extension? Is that an extension (the client side calls the google maps API using the javascript) or the "normal" approach (using the Qlikview examples, the QV server makes the call to the google maps API).

Best regards,


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geoqkik and geomarketing

Hi In_Hug,

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