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qlikview chart to JSON

Dear team,

i have table box or straight table in my qlikview application.

i need to convert this chart data to json file format.

please help me on this.

find the attached for the sample.

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Re: qlikview chart to JSON

Could you share the output format your excepting in qlikview ?? you could share the sample format or images etc

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Re: qlikview chart to JSON


required in below format.


"test": [{

"id": "500",

"program": "prog003",

"number": "333525",

"datetime": "2017-01-03 15:45:15",

"zone": "north",

"amount": "100"

}, {

"id": "501",

"program": "prog003",

"number": "333526",

"datetime": "2017-01-03 15:48:30",

"zone": "north",

"amount": "300"

}, {

"id": "502",

"program": "prog003",

"number": "333527",

"datetime": "2017-01-03 17:25:23",

"zone": "south",

"amount": "150"



Thanks in advance

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Re: qlikview chart to JSON

How much rows do you have in your straight table?

If there are not so much you could try rebuilding the straight table in textbox. (see attached file)

Another possibility, if you have a lot of rows, then you could use a converter (csvtojson)

After creating the CSV file with the STORE statement in script, you could use a script EXECUTE statement to run the CSV-JSON convertor .

hope this helps

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Re: qlikview chart to JSON


my actual requirement is to send this straight table or table box data to extension object using javascript.

if you have something.

please share.

thanks in advance.

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