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web page viewer

Hi all,

I am using web page viewer in my application.

But when ever I make selection any where in my application, the link I am showing through web page viewer refreshes automatically.

I dont want the link to be refreshed everytime for any selection.

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Re: web page viewer

i need to get the webpage into my dashboard can you please attach what you have done please

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Re: web page viewer

Extensions allways restart after every selection.

A workaround that you could try is, saving the url to a variable and, when the extension restarts, read the url from the variable. It will still refresh, but it will go to the url stored in the variable.

To do this you would need to modify the extension and use the getVariable() method.

Contributor II

Re: web page viewer

I think the creator of this extension released an update (v2), which prevented the refresh.

Try the newer version of you are not already

Contributor III

Re: web page viewer

The web page viewer is working fine for the normal websites but is there any alternative for the websites which restricts the iFrame display

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