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Advance Data Modeling

What is the meaning of Advance data modeling ?

Please tell me in detail or provide any document for this.

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Re: Advance Data Modeling

You dont have to make a question for every place there is.

Seach the forum for advanced data modeling


Re: Advance Data Modeling


I presume leaving the 'd' off the end of 'Advanced' was a typo.

In my opinion there is no such thing as 'Advanced Data Modeling', there is just Data Modelling.  The 'Advanced' suffice is sometimes used by people in book titles, training courses, CV's and such like, to imply that their offering is superior to that of others.

Best Regards,     Bill

p.s. Does posting the identical question multiple times elicit better quality replies ?

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Re: Advance Data Modeling

Sorry for that but i was confused for spaces and groups , that which is better for this question.


Re: Advance Data Modeling

In principle Bill Markham is right - it is all just "Data Modelling".

However - there are cases where you as a QlikView developer need to create a data model that has tables that are lacking in the source data. And this is in a sense more "advanced" than other solutions. I have described some examples of this in my blog posts, e.g.:





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Re: Advance Data Modeling

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