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Click sheet object value in QlikView with C#


I'm writing an export mechanism for QlikView which allows to export objects from QlikView to PowerPoint and to generated an update everytime according to the object in QlikView. ( company wants it for PowerPoint )

This is all done in C#.

But, the issue is, that in QlikView, I always write in all my documents ( min 50 docs, means 50 copy paste code ... and adapt ) in Editor Module following code:

Set pptApp = CreateObject("powerpoint.application")


    Set ProductValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Product").GetPossibleValues

    For i = 0 To ProductValues.Count - 1


        Call selectField("Product", ProductValues.Item(i).Text)    

        Set ReleaseValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Release").GetPossibleValues

        For j = 0 To ReleaseValues.Count - 1


            Call selectField("Product", ProductValues.Item(i).Text)

            Call selectField("Release", ReleaseValues.Item(j).Text)

            Set PriceValues = ActiveDocument.Fields("Price").GetPossibleValues

            For k = 0 To PriceValues.Count - 1

And do any kind of manipulation with the columns/rows of my table in QlikView. But how can I access the same thing with C#?

Because I can check which type is my chart/table with


I was thinking about returning the SheetObject and do something like:

       for(int i=0;i<=qlikviewitem.SheetObject.DbGetTableData().rowcount;i++)


               for(int i=0;i<=qlikviewitem.SheetObject.DbGetTableData().columncount;i++)


                            //reset all clicks in order to do next click event

                            //click this [i,j] position



Exporting the object works fine(Table/Chart/etc)


Copy it and paste it later in my Word/Excel/PowerPoint with C#



But as mentioned, I want to simulate the click event on each columns/rows, to copy always the new chart which is in relation with the currently selection in my table.

I don't find anything in the OCX documentation about this, only the modification for text, but not the click event.

I hope, I could give enough details about my issue.



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