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Few questions using the QlikView OCX control

Hi All,

We are implementing the QlikView OCX control in our application. Our goal is to make the QlikView documents available as read-only to the users. So far we got it working as we are able to open and view the documents.

There are just a few issues left:

  1. Right-clicking in a free space of the sheet opens a context menu with the option “Customize toolbar”. Is there a solution to get rid of that option?
  2. In the  QlikViewOCX reference manual is mentioned that the help can be disabled and modified. Any suggestions how that is done?
  3. Is there a possibility to set the interface language? We found out this can be done via QlikView destop, but we hope there is a more convenient way.
  4. Can the QlikView OCX control be forced to open documents in user mode? Of course adding a Section Access will work, but we are hoping for a solution which doesn’t require to add such a section to our QlikView documents.

Thank you in advance for your ideas.

Best regards,


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