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How to add to a Right-Click Menu Item in the OCX

Adding a MenuItem to the right click context menu of a object in QlikView is not documented.

and you can cancel the contextMenu action by setting e.okToContinue =0

c# code.


public enum MenuFlags : uint


     MF_STRING = 0,

     MF_BYPOSITION = 0x400,

     MF_SEPARATOR = 0x800,

     MF_REMOVE = 0x1000,


[DllImport("user32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto)]

static extern bool AppendMenu(IntPtr hMenu, MenuFlags uFlags, uint uIDNewItem, string lpNewItem);

'add this to after your InitializeComponent in your form or use the event properties in the designer.           

this.axQlikMainApp.OnContextMenu += new AxQlikOCXLib._DQlikOCXEvents_OnContextMenuEventHandler



this.axQlikMainApp.OnContextMenuCommand += new AxQlikOCXLib._DQlikOCXEvents_OnContextMenuCommandEventHandler


//Here we are adding to the menu.

private void axQlikMainApp_OnContextMenu(object sender, AxQlikOCXLib._DQlikOCXEvents_OnContextMenuEvent e)


     var x = new IntPtr(e.contextMenu);

        AppendMenu(x, MenuFlags.MF_STRING, 2, "This is a new menu");


//This is the event that is raised by all of the commands.

private void axQlikMainApp_OnContextMenuCommand(object sender, AxQlikOCXLib._DQlikOCXEvents_OnContextMenuCommandEvent e)


    if(e.menuCommand == 8000)

        MessageBox.Show("New menu clicked");


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