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Loading XBRL data into QlikSense / QlikView

Dear all,

I was reading in some old threads that QlikView is able to read XBRL data through connectors, however no details were ever given. I was not able to find a solution through googling either...so I am kind of stuck and hopeless that XBRL is actually supported on QlikView.

Can you point me to a supplier or solution?

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Re: Loading XBRL data into QlikSense / QlikView


Please see below:

Suggestion 1: Indeed, I’ve looked into how feasible XBRL ingestion and production are from Qlik products, and it’s extremely difficult. XBRL documents require a LOT of metadata to be available for tagging the financial data correctly. Every country has its own standard for XBRL schemas, and they change periodically. After discussions with https://www.corefiling.com/ in 2014 I concluded that Excel integration is key, and http://www.qvexcel.com/ might be useful for extracting Qlik data and preparing it within Excel for production of XBRL using a specialist tool.

You can see example XBRL taxonomy and filings for US Listed Companies at http://xbrl.sec.gov/,

for example Qlik’s 2015 results at http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1305294/000119312516481915/0001193125-16-481915-index.htm

and particularly http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1305294/000119312516481915/qlik-20151231.xml

Suggestion 2: Why not use one of the migration tools, e.g. open source tools explained here :


Export first to excel then create XBRL format

Also see this conversation I found:

I’ve had a closer look at QvExcel, and concluded that this is the only practical tool for populating the CoreFiling http://www.corefiling.com/products/seahorse/ spreadsheets with QlikView data for subsequent export to XBRL. The cells of their spreadsheet templates can be populated with expressions such as

=QVExcel.qve(  "sum({$<[Nominal Code]={'>4999<6099'}>}[Actual Month])"  )

which actually means Give me the sum of Monthly Actuals for all Nominal Codes between 4999 and 6099. There are several ways of specifying those ranges of Account Codes from the Chart of Accounts, and these are shown in examples downloadable from http://www.qvexcel.com/features. Excel would also be familiar to and probably preferred by any Accountant trying to construct their XBRL external reports, so reduces resistance to introducing new technology.

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Re: Loading XBRL data into QlikSense / QlikView

Il me semble que la question initiale était pour l'inverse : Exploiter un XBRL dans QlikView 

Je recherche cette problématique