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Microsoft Visual C++ association with QlikView


We do have Microsoft Visual C++ installed on Microsoft Server 2012 and now, the IS team wanted to uninstall them from the server. So, the question goes if the uninstall has any affect on Qlik application(s)?

Please help! Thanks.

Afsar Shaikh
Project Manager- QlikView Dev. & Support
Afsar Shaikh
Email- afsar.shaikh@live.com
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Re: Microsoft Visual C++ association with QlikView

If you are referring to Visual Studio Redistributables, yes, removing those could impact the installation.  The only thing I could recommend to confirm would be to run the install on a 'clean' box and check to see what redistributables are added that way, then you will know which ones are needed on the server.  I do not recall that we have things documented to this level, apologies, but hopefully not too big a problem to run the installer on a clean machine and see what you get that way.  It could be we are not using any, but I am not certain.  


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