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Need to save QlikOCX Plugin as image while saving the PPT


I have an OCX Plugin in the PPT, i have connected it to QlikView Server and get chart object from the server.

I have qlikview report, which is refreshed every month. i have one qvw file and qvd file.

For example, if i connect the OCX Plugin for QlikView object for March month data and i save it,

but i am refreshing the same file in the server with April data, in that case, i would have lost march data in ppt.

when i open the ppt, then OCX plugin would have refreshed with April data.

so i need to save the ppt for march in such a way that, if refresh happens for the qvw file in server, but it should not refresh the qlikview object in the  PPT.

so how we can achieve this?

or is there any way of saving the OCX Plugin as image as .ppt itself?

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