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Ocx Error

i am using macro to export chart image into excel

and it is working fine when i used it from Qlikview destop.

but when i use the same macro on access point using IE Plug in

it is showing Qlikview Ocx message

macro not purged

with error message 'unable to get insert picture class property'

below is the syntex how i am using insert image to excel...

Set p = objExcel.ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(strPath&"\"&imgname&"_"&strFileDate)

where i am passing imagename ,strpath,srtfiledate:

strFileDate= strYear & "-" & strMonth & "-" & strDay & "-" & strHour & "-" & strMinute & "-" & strSecond&".bmp"

strPath = wshShell.SpecialFolders("MyDocuments")

Please let me know how it will work in access point as there is no logical error as code is working in Qlikview Destop.

on server allow macro is click even unsafe macro also click also allow in document level.

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