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QlikOcx Failed to open document

Hi all

One of my QlikView apps is being periodically affected by the 'Failed to open document, for unknown reasons. 22' error.

Does anyone know how to get to the root cause of this issue.  I have used one of the Power Tools to scan the .SHARED file for errors but there are none detected.

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Re: QlikOcx Failed to open document


Hope this thread will help you.

Failed to open document

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Re: QlikOcx Failed to open document

Hi Bindu

Thanks for the link.

Users get this error when trying to open the .qvw in the AccessPoint and either redistributing the document or restarting the QVS service solves the issue.

I am more looking for advice on how to investigate the cause of this error.... I don't even know where to start!

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Re: QlikOcx Failed to open document



I know that the post is old.

I want to know if you have found a solution for your peoblem because I get the same error emssage "QlikOcx" when I opne the document in access point.


Thank you in adavnce for your help.