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QlikView OCX in .NET not showing correct objects

After a lot of research and frustration I have gotten OCX working in .NET however I am having some issues. I have a pivot table on a qlikview document I am working with. In my C# winforms app I have the OCX installed. I can easily display the document as a whole. However, targeting a specific table is giving me issues. I set the qlikview ocx control to open a document then I target the object by using the ObjectID. I have no problems showing the pivot table. However, there are 2 really big issues. First, when scrolling the table not only does the scroll bar clip and bounce around alot, but I seem to be able to accidentally click on other chart objects in the document. These objects aren't even on the same sheet. Yet somehow when scrolling through my table an object on a completely different sheet now appears. Also, I have a cyclic group that I created in the document. I cannot select the cyclic or change the cyclic dimension in the very same pivot table.

What's going on here? I really hope that someone can respond back with some direction since there is pretty much zero documentation for using OCX.