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Qlikview objects works in Excel and Word, not in Powerpoint

Hi all!

I've encountered trouble with qlikview objects in PowerPoint, as many others seems to have before me, but I'm not able to find a solution in previous threads.

I have QlikView version 11.20 SR5 64-bit (local installation with named user cal license) and Microsoft Office 2010

(I've also tried to do it through web (qv-accesspoint) and qv personal edition, but end up with the same problem)

On one of my computers it works like a charm(win7,64-bit), but when I try it on others it just won't work, even though it's the same OS and same version of qlikview and msOffice.

I've tried it on several computers (all Win7, 32 or 64 bit, same QV-version (32/64bit)) with no luck.

I can't see any specific differences on the client computers except for 32 or 64-bit, they're all part of the same network with the same setup (.. or at least they should have).

I've both used my own AD user and other AD users on different computers.

On one computer (win7,64-bit) I'm able to make the qv objects to work in Word and Excel, but not in PowerPoint, which I find very odd.

Any suggestions?