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ReloadEngine@server01 is down

Hi everyone,

One of our customers is having some issues with a recurring problem.

The Customer has two servers one production and one development server. The development server is responsible for the reloads of it's own but also for the production server.

To accomplish that we had to made some changes:

1. On the production server we disabled two services:

    - Qlikview Distribution service

    - Qlikview Management service

2. On the development server we had to change a line of code in the QDSCluster.xml file found in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR:

We changed "QDSWebAdress="http://server02:4720/QDS/Service" to "QDSWebAdress="http://server01:4720/QDS/Service".

3. Restart the Qlik services on the development server and after that everything works like expected.

The problem we have is that every XX days/weeks (random), in the management console, we get the error ReloadEngine@server01 is down. Whatever we try nothing works except when we change "QDSWebAdress="http://server01:4720/QDS/Service" to "QDSWebAdress="http://server02:4720/QDS/Service" again (how it originaly was in the beginning).

This fixes the issue but now my server02 is not managing the reload of server01 anymore so the only thing we can do is wait a while and try to do the steps again (starting from step 2) and with some luck and patience at some point it works again for some time...

Any help with this is much appreciated!

Regards Peter.

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Re: ReloadEngine@server01 is down

We have the same problem here, any solution found yet?



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