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Rendering Qlikreport without login.

Is it possible to render a Qlikview report without login with a specific user? Why I need that because I have few reports that wanted to integrate with web application and that web application can be used by multiple users at the same time without giving any session specif error. 

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Re: Rendering Qlikreport without login.


Yes its possible, but you need to have separate type of Qlikview Server. i.e (Information Access Server).

More information on type of servers is at below link.



Kaushik Solanki


Re: Rendering Qlikreport without login.

This may also be possible if you have Session or Usage CALs in your QlikView Server license too without the separate license, but you would need to be sure the QlikView Server Client security setting is set to Allow Anonymous in that case.  

Here is another link that may be useful as well regarding license and CAL types etc.:



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