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Run VBA functions from Qlikview

Hi there everybody

I’m currently trying to do and educated guess if Qlikview is capable to support the functionality we want to deliver to our client in our next project.

The objective is

  1. Load several files in an Microsoft Access DB
  2. Validate the data contained in in these several files
  3. Make some data transformations and calculations and then…
  4. Visualize the final data in Qlikview.

We mean to develop points from 1 to 3 using a mix between VBA and SQL from MS Access both, but setting the control logic in Qlikview. So, question is:

Is it possible to execute stored-in-an-Access-file VBA functions from Qlikview and catch the return value (to know if the execution run properly)?

Thank you very much in advance. We would appreciate some help to know if Qlikview is our win option.


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