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Show qlikview report to webapplication

Hi All, 

I  wanted to show a QlikView report to the web application. I am trying to show report in Iframe it is throwing the error while rendering. Can someone tell me that is there any configuration required to see the report in web app. 


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Re: Show qlikview report to webapplication


Can you share the error which it shows.


Kaushik Solanki


Re: Show qlikview report to webapplication

Check your QlikView Server License Enabler File (LEF), you will need the following line in there for this to work properly:


If you have that, then you should be able to get things to work, but keep in mind you may run into a 'multi-hop' issue regarding where the iFrame is running versus where the QlikView Server is.  A user is only allowed one hop from their client to a server, so if the iFrame is running on a separate web server in a portal etc., to get the QVW info would require another 'hop' to the QlikView Server machine, which Windows will NOT allow unless you configure delegation in that case.

There is another workaround of installing the QlikView Web Server and Client Files components on the server where the iFrame is running and then connecting the QlikView Web Server to your QlikView Management Console as another QlikView Web Server resource there, as that will allow that web server to do the call back to the QlikView Server service directly avoiding the multi-hop issue.  

Hopefully this may help, apologies if it is more confusing than help, but I believe this may be what you are hitting.

This may help as well:



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