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Suppressing the Print Progress dialog

Can anyone suggest a way to suppress the Print Progress dialog in Qlikview?

I'm scripting using the COM interface, and I need to print thousands of reports in a long loop that runs for dozens of hours.  Each time the script invokes PrintReport (which is about every 3 seconds), the Print Progress dialog appears for a fraction of a second and focus is taken away from the application that I am using in the foreground.  Even worse, if I type space or enter while the dialog is displayed, the print job is cancelled because the Cancel button is the default control in the dialog, so I really can't be typing and my computer gets completely owned by the script.

So I'm looking for a configuration setting or other way to suppress the Print Progress dialog.

Maybe this will wind up being a feature request but I'm hoping someone knows a way.

I'm using version 11.20 but pretty sure it applies to all versions and maybe Qliksense too.

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Re: Suppressing the Print Progress dialog

If I run such a print-macro directly within the desktop client I get the same result as you and canceling the prints by pressing the enter-key in the "right" time.

But if I start this per qmc-task (which called an EXECUTE statement within a qvw which called a windows task which started the desktop client within a new instance and opened and reload the print-application and the macro will be triggerred from the reload) the printing happens within the background. The progress dialog will be visible but get not the focus. Maybe you could adapt this approach in any way.

If this don't worked you could try it with a different pdf-printer and/or trying to adjust the printer/OS settings (whereby I think this will be quite hard).

- Marcus