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iam working with a number of other suppliers who are willing to share their work - can i pass parameters (that they specify re their api) to their UIs - consider the following scenario:

1. a consumer is looking at the details of their journey along their asthma pathway - they decide they want to give some feedback on the provider of their inhalers (they are managing their own health budget and the price seems to keep going up and up, even hi';er than healflation - they are concerned that a. the NHS is being ripped off and b. their personal health budget is running out)

2. they have chosen to share their anonamized data (asthma pathway) with others, this means they care, they care enough to also provide feedback

3. they click on the networking icon associated with the asthma pathway within their pathway management app and this takes them to an app designed to capture feedback (quantitative and qualitative)

4. the feedback app api accepts : team code, provider code, doctor code etc (all these individuals and orgs should be happy to take the +ive and the -ive feedback, if they are not they are either in the wrong profession or being "run" by people who are not health professional)

5. this feedback (a mixture of +ive and -ive) gets back to the doctor, the team and the provider - the team are on the boil, they are motivated by the thanks for the "care" from their "patient", they also know that the inhalers can be sourced for half the price from a different supplier, they contact the responsible CCG who contact the supplier, after a very brief discussion the CCG drop the supplier, they can do this because they did not tie them selves into a "silly drawn out" contract, in fact the new supplier is a small, local, entrepreneurial, independent manufacturer of respiratory devices who use technology and are carrying very little overhead), all IT's employers are hard working and passionate about their work !!!
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What exactly is your QlikView question?


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Thanks for your offer of help, another member has sorted me out