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Connection Big Data (Hadoop Hive) with Qlikview using ODBC

We have a QlikView (V12.10 SR8) Server, all the while been able to connect to the Hive without any issue. Recently, our hadoop team decided to kerberized the cluster. So I am reconfiguring the ODBC System DSN for Hive with Kerberos Authentication.

- What are the pre-requisite? Besides having the Hive ODBC driver installed.

- Where should l look for all the necessary info (Realm, Host FQDN, System Name, etc.) from my Hadoop cluster?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Great Day,
i Think you configurated de ODBC correctly, Qlikview can access normally. Always work for me connect different oracle servers on my network. Just i reconfigure the connection.
Great !