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Custom Font Extension Not Working After Upgrade to Version 12.4 SR1



We have been using the Custom Font document extension with no issues for a while that I got from the link below:


I posted this question in the comments there as well but I wanted to post in the qlik community for even more visibility, as we have run into rendering issues in browsers due to this extension and our recent upgrade to QV v12.4 SR1


font spacing issue 1.png

As seen in the pic above, when opening the app for the first time the correct google font gets loaded (Open Sans), but there is spacing above and below that gets shortened. If the fontsize is small then in some tables the text gets cut off from the bottom due to the cells having too short of a height.

However, upon refreshing the browser page, the font returns back to normal and the spacing and cell heights are back to the way it was.

In an attempt to fix this I have added the @ import statement to the default.css file, thinking that it was a timing issue on when the Open Sans font was loaded and the default.css import will load it faster.. and still does not fix the issue. 

What it seems like is when the app first loads the chart renders as if the custom font I used in the QVW (Open Sans) does not exist. The cell height would be appropriate for Times New Roman size 8 rather than Open Sans size 8. 

Once I refresh the browser however everything looks fine so this is a strange issue. If anyone has seen this issue or knows what happened to QV to render differently please let me know. 

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Just wanted to add that if I select Disable Cache in chrome devtools then even with the refresh the font spacing seems to be off. 

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

David, this is most likely related to the change we made in the graphics engine, we went from the unsupported Microsoft GDI Plus engine to the Skia Graphics library starting in the 12.30 release.  There were also some other Unicode changes etc. too, I am going to put link to the What's New from 12.30 for you below, so you can check those, as I think this may be related to one of those changes.


Hopefully this may help explain things.  It is possible the Document Extension may need an update as well, not sure on that aspect of things.


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