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How to Decrypt the data in the QlikView Document (Scripts)

How to decrypt the SQL Server database dataset in QlikView, The data is encrypted in the SQL Server database and we need to consume the data in QlikView directly and need to do the dashboard.

I do not able to decrypt the data in QlikView, I do not see any function too.

Can anyone help me to explain.

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That question is hard to answer without any more details about the DBMS and encryption used.

In addition to that, I believe QV won't offer you any specialized functions besides the features offered by your DMBS and database driver. So you might better off getting help in a specialized forum for your specific DBMS, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server (of course, first place to ask would be your local Db administrator). As soon as you can access the data decrypted via the database ODBC / OLEDB driver, you should be able to access your data also from QV load script.

Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Dhakshnamoorthy,

Are you referring to the Repository using a SQL Server?



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Check this similar post (without final answer, yet, but with good information): Decrypt data load from SQL Server 2008.