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How to give Qlikview document in centre?

Hello Experts,

I have created an app with 4 tabs and I want to keep the entire document in centre. Just like the Qlikview Demo (http://us-b.demo.qlik.com/detail.aspx?appName=OEE.qvw)

My Question

How can I keep the all the application in centre? Just like the above demo

What I am trying to achieve?

I want to give my application to look like a website when end user access it on the browser.

What I have tried so far?

I have used the 'CenterAlign' Extension from one of the thread.

  • This extension is working fine on local machine in 'WebView' Mode only. Which is fine with me.
  • I have installed the extension on the server and I have applied this extension in the same application on that server.
  • It works fine on the server too but only in the QV developer..
  • When I open that application on browser via access-point. it does not align anything to centre. (Everything stays where it was)


Can you please look into the attached extension and advise if anything wrong with extension or if I am doing anything wrong?

Thank you.

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