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Integration of R and Qlikview



I am a BA on business side, we extensively use Qlikview in our organization. I use R for my scripting, our end user have Qlikview. So I will have to integrate R and Qlikview so that my end user can give their input in Qlikview and see the result in Qlikview but my R should perform the statistical analysis on the backend. I learnt that Statconn is a integration tool that can be used to do this process.  So I wanted to do this integration testing on my personal laptop, can anyone guide me how to do this integration process of connecting R and Qlikview with Statconn?

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Contributor III



I haven't used Statconn's products for this kind of connection to know how it works. Nevertheless i would recommend to follow Qlik's AAI path of accessing R engine from QlikView. You can access the engine from expressions as well from the load script.

There is an excellent introduction in QCC that you can follow along and configure your environment ( https://qcc.qlik.com/course/view.php?id=1042 )

The videos mention that an enterprise environment is needed, but you can set it up, for your local installation as well (please see the attached pdf)

Further details can be found here :



Note also, that it is free.



Christos K.