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Print Report only once depend on selection

Maybe my question is a bit difficult to explain.

I'm loading Data from external DB into qlikview. This Data is used to be printed out over an qlikview-report. Therefore I use an Button on my Dashboard. So far the printout works fine. 

My question/problem:

The Data will be loaded every morning from the external DB into qlikview, so there will be a few more lines added into qlikview every day.

If I used the Button to Print some Labels (Report), this printed Labels (lines) should disappear  from my selection (Table Box), so that they cant be printed again. 

Just If some new lines were added at next load the Button should Print the Report for zhis new lines. 

I think I should set an 'x' or something similar in a new column of my table, to mark the already printed lines. But I cant find an solution to do that. 

I hope my problem is undestood. Sorry for my bad english 🙂


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I´m able to set an 'x' to a new column for the already printed lines over an dynamic Update. But this change is only done on the dashboard (memory). Is it possible to write this changes back to the table? Or is this the completely wrong way to solve my problem?