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QlikView SVG Map DRAFT


I would like to get QlikView SVG Map Draft working. I downloaded it and installed it.

First i got a problem with the path, there i found the solution. Now it's just a white field. No Error written in this field, nothing.

I get everytime an error when i change the position of the SVG Reader. The error is from Internet Explorer Scripfault. URL : http://qlikview/QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=Extensions/svgMap/raphael.js

It asks me if i want to run this script anymore.

With yes it does not do something and with no also.

I'm working with QV 11.20 on XP with Internetexplorer 8.

Is the internetexplorer the problem?

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I'm also getting an error similar to yours which occurs on line 10 of raphael.js. This error only occurs when I use a svg map from wikicommons ( specifically File:USA Counties with names.svg - Wikimedia Commons ). I've tried different svg sizes, file names, opening in inkscape and saving, demo data etc. It will actually work after a few times of hitting yes and resizing the object but that's not a solution.

The Definition.xml is updated correctly as well. I'm on QV11.20 sr7 Any help would be great?!    brianwmunz


Creator II
Creator II

I wonder I anyone here have similar issues to what I describe in this post: http://community.qlik.com/thread/129597

It feels like the SVG is corrupt but it worked flawlessly in earlier versions running 11.2 SR 2 or 3. in about 70 percent of the possible areas to select, making a selection drops the color rather than highlighting it.

Any ideas is extremely appreciated.

Thank you


Hi everyone,

I've posted an updated version of this extension on Qlik Branch and GitHub.


Hopefully this one fixes the issues everyone was having.  It also adds some new functionality, such as the ability to blend two colors on an SVG map.

Please let me know, thanks!

Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello Brian,

Is this link the latest?   http://market.qlik.com/qlikview-svg-map.html

I had fun with this today (see below). However the UK map in the draft version keeps coming up blank?


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Hi Philip,

Have you got any option to show Text object s well into the SVG instead of POP UP .