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Vba macro excel to get data from qlikview website

Hi there! 

I’m trying to solve a big issue that I’m dealing with! I need to extract some info from a table that is in a qlikview website and paste it in a excel workbook.

From vba on the excel I can handle html webpages but the reason why I’m struggling with this situation is that qlikview webpage is in Ajax and I’m not being able to handle Buttons or links so it’s imposible to make the vba code to download any information. Also I’ve tried with the vba code to send the cursor to a specifics part of the website and make right-click to select the option of exporting the table to a new excel  workbook, but I had no success.

Is there any way or does anyone have any idea of how can I download tables from a qlikview web page to an excel automatically running an excel macro?


thanks to all who may be able to help!!!


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If you are running the Qlikview server on version 11.2 (maximum), i was using an exceptional tools QVEXCEL , where by formula in excel, or by VBA, where you can pass any set analysis and retreived any object from your qlik application.


But as the company has collapsed, this tools is no more working on version 12 and after  

I have also, like you, try to retrieve data from Qlik server, but i don't find another solution.