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3D bar chart with color in pdf-report generated by Publisher

We are using Publisher to create and distribute pdf-reports (QlikView 11 SR 2), but we have one problem.  We want to include some 3D bar chart in the report but in the pdf-report the 3D bar chart only shows up in black/grey.   The pdf-report shows correct colors if we change the chart style from 3D to normal style, so we have a solution although the report would have looked nicer with 3D-style.

The preview of the report in QlikView Desktop shows colors and we can also print the report directly from the desktop to a printer and get 3d bar charts in color (if we use the "slow printing" solution).

The "Use Patterns Instead of Colors" are unchecked.

I found this thread in the community http://community.qlik.com/thread/49788 , but the solution with flag for "Slow printing" does not seem to solve the problem with reports created by publisher.  We have added the setting for slow printing on the server.

Does anyone know if it is possible to use 3D bar chart in colors when creating and distributing pdf-reports through Publisher?

I hope anyone have experience with this problem.

Best regards


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