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A chart with columns and two lines - how to keep the numbers apart?


this might be something I have asked and that I knew earlier, but it's been a while that I haven't made any charts in QlikView, so I have forgotten some things:

I have a multi-chart with a set of columns and two lines that shows historical data. I already have four charts on the same sheet, to alternatively show the current week/ month/ quarter or the total history.

I guess, though, I will scrap that and just have one chart and four alternative dimensions since the rest is just the same anyway.

I have the values displayed on both the lines and the columns, so depending on where the lines are, it can get a little bit crowded rgd. the numbers.

The lines can be anywhere, so I cannot say where there might be an empty space where the figures for the columns could go. I guess the surest place to find some space for those figures would be on the axis <=> the issue is, when I tick the checkbox "figures on the axis", the figures go right in the middle of the width of the columns - exactly in the space where the dimension_point is, so the two sort of get in the way of each other ...

=> Would it be possible to somehow tweak the number_display so that there would be some vertical distance between the figures from the columns and the dimension_axis (something easier than creating a second "shadow-chart" and make it invisible but for those values)?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: A chart with columns and two lines - how to keep the numbers apart?

Can you post a screengrab? , It's difficult to visualize reading thru

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Re: A chart with columns and two lines - how to keep the numbers apart?

Hi Vineeth,

well, my graph looks like this (I attach it to this post).

In this particular instance, there is quite enough space save the second column, but depending on the user's selections and the type of dimension (the current week/ current month/ last 3 months/ total history), that might be different.

I have tried creating an exact copy of the chart on a higher level than this one (before this one), making both lines and the columns transparent (using argb()) and removing all the scales => that would have served to have only the figures for the columns display, then I could have ´moved that chart a little down and thus have those figures display below the dimension_points <=>  but that copy, with all those variations in place, is somewhat askew relative to the original even before I have moved it, I cannot explain why - the distance between the dimension_points is not always the same, it varies, so I I cannot use that.

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