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Adding a dimension in a Expression

Hi Guys,

Ok so basically i have a Drill through bar graph it is grouped on g_Overall(Region,Branch,employee) Now i have the figures i need but i want to adda target which would be an expression something along the lines of

((SUM(TargetsPWD) * SUM(WorkingDays))*TotalEmployees)/COUNT(Dimension)

basically on top level i want to see the target divided by how many Regions there is then when i click on a region ti should change to target divided by how many branches there are etc

Is thsi possible ? any help would be greatly appreciated



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Re: Adding a dimension in a Expression

I assumed that the group name is 'g_Overall'.

Try this expression :

((SUM(TargetsPWD) * SUM(WorkingDays))*TotalEmployees)/COUNT(GetCurrentField(g_Overall))

I hope this helps!



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